We have heard from many of you, that you are saying prayers, sending love, healing wishes and much needed donations to the people of Nepal. We join with you in this, and thank you for this kindness. We all have a connection to this special land in some way, and with the Pharping Valley outside of Kathmandu. Seeing the beautiful monastery grow into its current structure and becoming a living embodiment of true compassion has inspired us all.

Read a Letter from Gyetrul Jigme RinpocheNepal Support Appeal

Donate to Our Nepal Monastery Today:

For those who have asked about a way to make a monetary offering of relief to help Nepal, we have set up temporary links below to make this process easier. Amounts gathered in this way over the next several weeks will be sent directly to the monastery to assist with any structural or humanitarian needs that may arise as a result of this situation. Thankfully, so far the monastery is okay, and yet this will help them to maintain themselves as a potential refuge of support serving those most affected by the earthquake in the local community. Your prayers, and having their well being in your thoughts will benefit them tremendously.

Our monastery in Nepal fortunately survived the earthquake and no monks were hurt, but the building did suffer cosmetic and structural damage, and there is also much we can do for those who were less fortunate. Below you can see just how great the need is – as the devastation is very real for so many who were affected.

Please take a look at the below videos for more about the need in Nepal.