Who We Are

The Mission of the Ripa Ladrang Foundation as a non-profit is to promote, support and preserve Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, following the footsteps of the Ripa Lineage and its teachers. As this tradition’s religious values and practices are very much about compassionate engagement with the world and its peoples, we fulfill this mission through a combination of teachings, preservation of religious texts, spiritual outreach, and a wide variety of humanitarian service projects.

Our Goals

  • The specific purpose of the foundation is to support, advance, propagate, and preserve the teaching, practice and study of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The Ripa Ladrang Foundation will support Buddhist teaching activities throughout the United States and the world, with emphasis on the Ripa Lineage.
  • The preservation of Tibetan culture and support of the Tibetan refugee population outside Tibet are two of our most important goals. We work toward this goal through our humanitarian projects and ensuring the spiritual aspects of Buddhism are protected and shared. We ensure this by supporting the Tibetan monastic tradition and the preservation of religious texts.
  • Through our focus on spirituality and humanitarian projects, we propagate peace in the world and encourage individuals to find peace, both within and outside themselves.

Our Monasteries


Rigon Tashi Choeling – Nepal

The Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery was opened in November of 2005, after the successful funding and completion of the New Treasures Project. The monastery represents the vision of Tibetan lama and meditation master, Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche.
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Rigon Tashi Choeling – Tibet

One of the first projects conducted by the Ripa Ladrang Foundation was to fund the restoration of the Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery in Tibet. This Monastery is currently run by His Eminence’s oldest son Tenzin Nyima Rinpoche.
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Rigon Thupten Mindrolling – India

After departing Tibet in 1959 due to the communist invasion, the Ripa Masters and followers ended up relocating to the state of Orissa, India. Upon settling down in Chandragiri, the Ripa Masters constructed The Thupten Mindrolling Monastery as the new main monastery of the Ripa Lineage.
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Other Ripa Centers

Ripa International Center - Switzerland

Ripa International Center – Switzerland

The Ripa International Center in Niederwangen, Switzerland is an International Buddhist Center where the humanitarian and spiritual aspects of Tibetan Buddhism can be developed and practiced. Its central location in Europe ensures access to the uninterrupted wisdom flow of transmission from the Ripa Lineage and to bring the living spiritual tradition of our Tibetan teachers to the West. Learn More

Urgen Sangak Choiling - Kalmykia

Urgen Sangak Choiling – Kalmykia

In the village of Trinity, next to the ongoing construction of the future Temple “Urgen Sangak Choeling” that was blessed and given name by Namkha Rinpoche during his previous visits, Rinpoche held Gesar Sang for removing obstacles, increasing energy and summoning the Lungta of well-being. Learn More

Ripa Center - Moscow

Ripa Center – Moscow

The new Ripa Moscow Center will become a place of prosperity and spreading the Dharma for current and future generations. There are many more people who will now have an opportunity to benefit from the teachings and to find happiness through deeper connection. Learn More