How to Contribute

The Ripa Ladrang Foundation would like to invite everyone to participate in the Foundation at whatever level of participation is appropriate. If you would like to view updates and news on activities in the Ripa Ladrang Foundation, then visit our Latest News Page.

If you would like to help to support the mission of the Foundation, then you should become a member of the foundation. All membership level contributions go directly to supporting the costs of supporting monks, our important project causes, and bringing teachers to the United States. If you would like to participate in monthly Sangha practice meetings, where the actually practices are done on a monthly bases, then you should sign up now to become a member and be part of one of the Sangha’s (New York, Los Angles, or San Francisco).

Finally, as the Ripa Ladrang Foundation is entirely volunteer based, if you would like to volunteer for any of the Foundation projects all of which either directly or indirectly support the teachings, then you should sign up now to become a Volunteer.