The Ripa Ladrang Foundation is a 100% Volunteer run organization. If you are interested in hearing about Volunteer opportunities – sign up for the volunteer mailing list. By signing up to be on the volunteer list for the Ripa Ladrang Foundation, you have NOT directly signed up for any specific project. Being on the Ripa Ladrang Foundation volunteer list does not require you to help out on any specific project.

Here’s how it works: When an opportunity arises where a volunteer is needed, a message will be sent to the volunteer mailing list to see if anyone would like to help. If at that point, you are interested and able to help out, then you can follow the directions on the message and request to volunteer for that specific project. Only at this point are you officially volunteered for a project.

While there certainly are no monetary benefits of being a volunteer, working as a volunteer can be a very rewarding endeavor. As a volunteer for the Ripa Ladrang Foundation, you are directly supporting the activities of the teacher, which in turn supports the spreading of the dharma.

To learn about opportunities to be a volunteer, fill out the information below now and subscribe to the Volunteer list.