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November 10, 2022
Dear Friends of the Ripa International Sangha,

Registration for the winter retreat is now open and all of the information can be found at the following link:

More Info & Registration

1 – Have taken refuge in the Three Jewels
2 – Have completed the Ripa Ngondro or be engaged in completing the Ripa Ngondro. Students outside the Ripa lineage may also participate if they have completed or are engaged in doing Ngondro within their own lineage.

Anyone fulfilling the above conditions can participate in the Ngondro and Tsalung portions of the retreat.
In order to participate in the Dzogchen portion, in addition to conditions one and two above, one of the three conditions listed below also needs to be fulfilled:

A. Have participated in a previous Dzogchen retreat with a Ripa Master
B. Have completed or be engaged in the practice of Tsalung
C. Have received the Taksham cycle or the Gesar (New Treasure) cycle of HE’s initiations.

The daily schedule will be as follows from December 26th to January 1st.

12/26/pm Student Arrival
12/27/am & pm Ngondro Teaching
12/28/am Tsalung & Dzogchen
12/28/pm Tsalung Instructions
12/29/am & pm Tsalung Instructions
12/30/am & pm Dzogchen teaching & practice
12/31/am & pm Dzogchen teaching & practice
01/01/am Dzogchen teaching & practice

01/01/pm Retreat ends after lunch

Everyday 06:30 am Tsalung or Ngondro
Everyday 19:30 pm Protectors & Narak Konchak

Given that the Tsalung and Dzogchen portions require initiation, only the Ngondro portion is open for online participation. The balance of the retreat is strictly reserved for residential participation.

Happy Holidays! With Love and Gratitude,
The RIC and Ripa Ladrang Foundation