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We are pleased to share this short video that summarizes Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s recent visit to New York City. He was here for a series of talks and events and to share some of his experiences, including his recent solitary retreat, as well as teach us techniques that aid our inner growth.

His teachings were quite touching and relevant in this chaotic world we live in, the battles we are fighting and the pressures of the day-to-day that we undergo.

His brief introduction to the practice of Tonglen Meditation, where we inhale or breathe in other people’s pain and negativities and we exhale or breathe out our own positive joy and goodness was very powerful. This meditation technique represents the very basis of the Ripa Ladrang lineage, which is ‘ True Bodhichitta’ or ‘Selfless compassion’.

With this, Rinpoche then touched upon giving, not only within the inner level by prayer and meditation, but physically with all the wonderful humanitarian work that he has started and continues to grow in many different areas like the Pure Water Project, Elderly Sponsorship, Monk Sponsorship and now the Nepal Earthquake relief effort that includes adopting and rebuilding villages.

He inspires people simply by example through his teachings as well as creating many wonderful projects that we all have the opportunity to participate in, anyway we can.

We hope you enjoy this video of Rinpoche’s precious and wonderful visit to New York and it inspires you as it did all of us. We really appreciate all your effort and support and we pray that you stay by us
as we grow together to help all beings.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Ripa Ladrang Team