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Dear Friends of the Ripa International Sangha,

“We are delighted to announce the publication of the biography of His Eminence Terton Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche: ‘Streaming Waves On A Wondrous Ocean,’ which is now available in English.

This extremely concise biography is based on the essential points from a small selection of His Eminence’s own extensive Namthar, or traditional outer, inner, innermost and secret autobiography spanning his past lives through the present. The biography blends these points with the author’s personal recollections, Lama Tenzin Phuntsok, of stories he heard directly from His Eminence and members of the Ripa family during his many years of service to them. This is an extremely rare glimpse into the inner life, experiences and external circumstances of this great Tibetan Buddhist master.

Terton Namkha Rinpoche is one of the few remaining Tibetan yogi masters of his generation and an embodiment of the living lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Born during a tragic period for a nation whose destiny was changing forever, he was brought up in extraordinary circumstances and subsequently fled across the Himalayas into a new life in exile.

With direct access to infinite awareness of Guru Padmasambhava, Terton Namkha Rinpoche has authored more than 16 volumes of terms and texts comprising several bodies of practice. This is his fascinating account of how outer and inner phenomena need to manifest in order to create the perfect conditions for the revelation of these terma treasures, and his mastery over naturally occurring elements and regular interactions with supernatural beings are a mere handful of magical glimpses into the terton’s ‘great perfection of mind’. A terton’s ability to view positively and compassionately even when confronted with the worst and most hopeless situations are a source of great hope, courage and faith for many.

“In the pure tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism, central to my father’s life and teaching is to sow the seeds of wisdom and compassion in our confused minds through the power, trust and devotion between guru and student. In his presence, one can actually feel the lineage and blessings, and this book is a transmission of just that.” – Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche

As part of our promotion of the Lama Sponsorship program to provide support for teachers of the lineage teachings, The Ripa Ladrang Foundation will send you a copy of this biography as a thank you gift for your donation of $35 (or $45 for international address to cover additional shipping) to the Foundations’ Lama Sponsorship program. (Multiples of these amounts can be donated for additional gift copies.)

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With Love and Gratitude,
The RIC and Ripa Ladrang Foundation

Save The Date! 
We are excited to announce that in response to requests from the Ripa Ladrang Foundation for teachings from him in Nepal, His Eminence has just agreed to offer teachings and practice instructions (for the first time) on his own Gongter Guru Dorje Drolo text: “Subduer of the Hordes of Mara, An Utterly Secret Practice of Düdül Wangdrag Dorje Drolötsäl Sealed with the Seal of Heart-Mind from the Cycle of the Ultimately Profound Bindu of the Heart”.These teachings will occur from October 17th – 23rd at the Rigon Tashi Choling Monastery in Dollu Valley, Pharping, Nepal. Information on FAQ’s, registration, accommodations, texts, translation and other details will be sent out shortly. The empowerment will be on Monday, October 17th. Anyone who cannot make it to the empowerment should consider not attending these teachings. It is also advised that to surely receive this empowerment you should stay through the full duration of the teachings. If you are planning to attend, please do let us know at so we can appropriately reserve accommodations. Further communication with program details will be sent shortly.