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“The Buddha Dharma is the ultimate source of happiness and refuge for all beings. We should preserve it through practice and so preserve the precious lineage of living wisdom teachings. In order to do this, the monastic setting is indispensable. Such a sanctuary radiates positive energy and promotes peace, harmony, happiness and liberty throughout the entire universe.” – H.E. Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche

Dear Friends,
There exists very special Buddha Dharma teachings received directly from Guru Rinpoche Padma Sambhava that are hidden throughout the land of Tibet. These “Termas” are safeguarded in a way that prevents them from being found before the appropriate time. When conditions are ripe for their dissemination, the Termas are discovered by Treasure-Revealers.

His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche is one of the greatest Treasure Revealers (Tertons) of our time. And Ripa Ladrang Foundation with the support of all its
friends and family has undertaken the privileged task of translating these texts from Tibetan to English with the intention to preserve their meaning and transmission for all Dharma practitioners in future generations. The Foundation embarked on this project almost four years ago with the blessing of His Eminence for the benefit of all beings.

The effort to translate these texts, verify the translation and clarify any revisions with His Eminence when needed, is completed by the untiring efforts of Lama Tenzin, Gregory Bouchard and Mike Dickman. The annual budget for this project is $21,000. All money raised in this effort go directly toward compensation of these translators for their part time work that they dedicate to this project.

These “Termas” (“Gong Ter”) from His Eminence are vast and consist of 23 volumes of texts consisting mainly of the various aspects of the Gesar cycle of teachings as well as Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva and several others. His time and insights to revise and provide clarity to his vision brings a special authenticity to this work. Under his direction, His Eminence will guide us and establish the project priorities.

We want to take a moment and thank all supporters of Ripa Ladrang Foundation for your generous support through the past four years and provide you with an update as to our progress. We know that with your continued support this incredible work will continue until we complete all 23 volumes within a few years.

If you are able, please make a year-end contribution on our website to continue our work on a this profound undertaking, which will have a Karmic benefit for all beings for ages to come. How fortunate for everyone who participates in this Gongter translation project! You may pay by check, credit card or by wire. Thank you again for your support and generosity.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Ripa Ladrang Foundation
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Following Is a List of Texts Translated In 2017
Vajrakilaya Daily practice 1
Vajrakilaya Daily practice 2
Dorje Drolo Daily practice 1
Dorje Drolo  Daily practice 2
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 1
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 2
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 3
Gesar Lama Daily practice 1
Gesar Lama Daily practice 2
Gesar Pacifying Daily practice 1
Gesar Enrichment Daily practice 1
Gesar Wang Daily practice 1
Gesar Wang Daily practice 2
Gesar Wrathful Daily practice 1
Gesar Wrathful Daily practice 2
Sangye Menla Daily practice 1
Kurukulle Daily practice 1
Kurukulle Daily practice 2
Gesar Sang Extensive
Guru Rinpoche Tukdrub Short Lejang          Short size
Guru Rinpoche Tukdrub Medium size

Following Is a List of Texts Translated in 2018
Preliminaries Commentary                            (76 Pages)
Gesar Lama Drupchod                                 Gesar Gyudeb
Three Tsoks
Lamai Tukdrub
Gesar Sangdrub
His Eminence’s Biography In-Process (100 Pages)

Following Is a List of Texts Translated In 2019
A Short Wrathful Gesar Drupchod                Gesar Dragpo Soldeb
                                                                     Gesar Gyudeb
Sadhana Trinle Rabar
Two Concise Tsok
Long Life Practice
Torma Offering
His Eminence’s Biography In Process, Outer Aspect

Following Is a List of Texts Translated In 2020
His Eminence Biography     Inner and Secret Biography
Werma Lhasang                                              Pacifying Fire Puja
Guru Rinpoche Cycle                                     Liberation Practice
Retreat Practice Instructions
Guru Dorje Drolo Drolo Lineage Prayer
Drolo Fulfillment Ritual 1
Drolo Fulfillment Ritual 2
Drolo Long Life Practice
Drolo Concise Tsok
Drolo Extensive Drupchod
Gesar Enrichment Medium Size Drupchod
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