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Dear Friends,

Ripa Ladrang Foundation joyfully agreed to undertake the large task of beginning to translate all of His Eminence Terton Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche’s Termas (Revealed Mind Treasures) in 2016.

It is our privilege and honor to make certain that these Termas along with their essential essence and meaning can be preserved for all dharma practitioners in future generations. We see a deep need to undertake this task in a timely manner in order that the meaning of these texts are accurately represented in their translation and to preserve their integrity as per the Terton’s vision and intent.

His mind treasures (or Gong Ter) are vast and consist of 23 volumes of texts consisting mainly of the various aspects of the Gesar cycle of teachings as well as Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva, Dorje Drollo and many others.

The translation team consists of Gregory Bouchard (Primary Translator), Mike Dyckman (Review Translator) and Lama Tenzin (Providing Assistance with Basic Meaning and Clarification). The texts and the order of translation are now being executed as per His Eminence’s wish under his guidance and oversight.

Ripa Ladrang reached out to all of you at the beginning of 2017, introducing this Revealed Treasures Project. We received enthusiastic feedback as well as many financial donations to begin this important work. We would like to thank each of you with our deepest gratitude for your contributions, which will enable this incredible work to continue until we complete all 23 volumes. These translations will benefit all present and future generations to come.


Here is the list of texts translated thus far:

Vajrakilaya Daily practice 1
Vajrakilaya Daily practice 2
Dorje Drolo Daily practice 1
Dorje Drolo Daily practice 2
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 1
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 2
Yeshe Tsogyal Daily practice 3
Gesar Lama Daily practice 1
Gesar Lama Daily practice 2
Gesar Pacifying Daily practice 1
Gesar Enrichment Daily practice 1
Gesar Wang Daily practice 1
Gesar Wang Daily practice 2
Gesar Wrathful Daily practice 1
Gesar Wrathful Daily practice 2
Sangye Menla Daily practice 1
Kurukulle Daily practice 1
Kurukulle Daily practice 2
Gesar Sang Extensive
Guru Rinpoche Tukdrub Short Lejang Short size
Guru Rinpoche Tukdrub Medium size

We invite you to participate in the sponsorship of this large and significant translation project, which is projected to span several years. Please join us in this profound undertaking, which will benefit beings for ages to come. It is estimated that the total cost for this project will be approximately $100,000 or about $20,000 per year over the next five years. Any size donation is appreciated and will help. Being a part of this Gong Ter mandala will be of tremendous karmic benefit to you and to all beings that will ultimately receive these teachings and texts. These are revelations of the hidden treasures from Guru Rinpoche meant for our time. How fortunate for everyone who participates in this Gong Ter translation project!



We are grateful for your continued support and generosity and we look forward to hearing from you. You may email the foundation at gongtertexts@ripaladrang.org.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Ripa Ladrang Team