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We are very pleased to inform you that after the recent earthquake in Nepal with all of the destruction and devastation that has occurred, the people and the country are recovering slowly but surely.

As most of you are aware, we at Ripa Ladrang Foundation and the Ripa family have been carrying out efforts for relief and reconstruction. We have been able to help hundreds of families with basic relief supplies to many remote villages. We have provided bags of rice, sugar, oil, tents and other food and clothing supplies.

This spring and after the earthquake, Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche embarked on a project to adopt and rebuild a whole village. Mero Gaon (meaning ‘My Village’) is a new project that came from the heart and compassion of our Lama as he saw and witnessed the suffering and destruction of people who lost everything. Mero Gaon is now becoming a reality with the generous efforts from the local team and donors. You will receive updates and information on Mero Gaon soon.

We have also embarked on reconstruction and repairs of our own Ripa Monastery and monk hostels. Our monastery is the vision of his Holiness Terton Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche as a place for ancient wisdom of Buddha to live and a home to preserve the rich culture and traditions of Tibet.

Many of you have seen the pictures of the damage we published in our earlier newsletters as well as on our website. Now with all of your generosity and support, we have been able to start and make good progress on all of the repairs and damages. Although we have a few more months of work, we wanted to share the progress with you.

Below are some additional pictures where you can see the repair work being done. You will find that all of the cracks on the walls have been patched, the roof is being painted, the walls inside the stairways repaired, the statues being repaired and put back into place, and all the wall paintings being restored.

It is His Eminence’s wish that the upcoming Gongter transmission happen without any changes to the schedule or inconvenience to people attending. Therefore, the work has been happening very aggressively in order to complete most of the reconstruction needed to host this auspicious event.

We need to raise additional funds to complete all the repairs and also complete the work required for the monk hostels, so our monastic community may return to normal. Your continued support and help are extremely essential for our work to continue. We will provide specific sponsorship amounts if anyone is interested in sponsoring the repair of certain statues or undertake specific repairs. Please feel free to contact us at for additional sponsorship information.

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Update on the Gongter:

The Gongter transmissions will begin as planned on October 7 and will end October 21. We have planned the reading transmission or Lung to be held from 7:00 AM – to 12:00 noon, with the afternoon empowerment beginning at 2.00 PM.

We encourage everyone to participate anyway they can in this auspicious occasion. Please contact your country coordinators if you are interested in registering for the event in any capacity and we will make the necessary arrangements.

If you are attending the Gongter and have signed your participation, please take this opportunity to submit your donation. You also have the opportunity to participate from afar as well. To do so please make a sponsorship donation:

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This will create interdependence and your names will be read during the ceremonies. We will keep you updated on all of the upcoming, exciting events as they unfold during the Gongter, as well as updates to all the reconstruction and repairs we are able to undertake with your generosity.

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