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Lingdro is a sacred dance, very popular in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, dating back to more than three hundred years ago. The origin of Lingdro can be traced back to the sublime King Gesar of Ling. Gesar was born at the end of the 10th century (1038 – 1119) and lived in the highland pasture of Sa-Kyisoe-Yak, Dhokham, the eastern prefecture of Tibet. At the age of twelve, the Lingdro was first performed when Gesar won his first ever horse race and was enthroned as king of the land of Ling. These ceremonial warrior songs and dances were the principal performances enacted throughout the entire 81-year lifespan of King Gesar. Lingdro is the most beloved and respected dance because of its beauty and profound content of words indicating truth, bravery, energy, splendor and the unceasing light of happiness.

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