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Ripa Ladrang Foundation is very happy to share with you a new and wonderful humanitarian project that arose from Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s heart of genuine compassion. It is called Mero Gaon – My Village.

photo-2-1024x680-1He was present in Nepal at the time of the earthquake last year which destroyed towns and killed many. As you may already be aware, the Ripa family and monks immediately went to the assistance of people in every way they could. Not only with their soft hearts, listening to people’s stories and praying with them, but also being present with material support like distributing tons of food, 100’s of tarpaulins and much needed drinking water. After seeing the total destruction in some locations, Rinpoche’s deep wish was to provide basic, earthquake-proof shelter in some locations for those affected. He decided to start by adopting the village Kulay and committed to rebuild it. View Image Gallery

Mero Gaon, which means ‘My Village’ in Nepali, is a project to rebuild the village of Kulay,a beautiful photo-5-1024x680village overlooking the mountains in Okharpauwa Village Development Committee, Nuwakot about 12 km North-West of Kathmandu. Our project will use sustainable, locally sourced materials in designs that are earthquake resistant and provide 55 homes to the village of over 250 people, and to also provide improvements to water, sanitation and sustainable, organic 2

With the help of a few generous donors, we were able to start the work a few months ago. With great joy we can report that we have finished casting the foundations for the first 4 homes and excavation for the next 4 homes has started. We need your help to continue!  You can get all the details about the project, the team, its plans, the work and its progress by visiting the official website.

Visit the Mero Gaon Website here

photo 4This is our first appeal to our extended community requesting your help to provide this basic necessity of life, shelter, to these people who have lost everything in the earthquake. The Ripa Ladrang Foundation is supporting Mero Gaon to make this dream of rebuilding Kulay a reality. Please help us! You can make a fully tax deductable charitable donation online by clicking the button below, send a check or make a wire transfer.

Donate Now

photo 5We are looking for Donors to Adopt a Home!

Adopting a home is a wonderful opportunity to lead a fund raising effort in order to provide shelter for a family of two to eight. Each home will cost approximately $6,000 and take 70 days to complete. If you feel inspired to also help raise funds for one or more homes, we really encourage you to do that. It is a great opportunity to develop interesting ideas to raise funds in any way you choose among your circle of friends and family. We will support you as you lead the efforts with all the necessary documentation and materials.

Together we can and will make this happen. If this inspires you, email us at or for more information.