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September 17th, 2000 – Bedford, New York
Mind emanation of Gesar, Terton H.E. Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, in Bedford, New York, during a rare historic event – a Gesar Warrior Procession led by Rinpoche on horseback.
(All photographs of the event taken by Joshua Green)
July 21, 2021
On Sunday, September 17, 2000, Ripa Ladrang Foundation held this historic event in Bedford, New York. H.E. Namkha Drimed Rinpoche agreed to lead a Tibetan warrior procession on horseback on the grounds of a Bedford estate. Rinpoche brought with him the proper Gesar clothing, boots, equipment, horse gear, and hat to ensure the accuracy and precision for this powerful procession event. The Foundation arranged to rent a magnificent horse and handler to assist with leading the horse during the procession from the estate of movie actor Richard Gere, whose property was located nearby. As can be seen from the photos, the horse was splendid but large, and Rinpoche had noted with a smile that this horse was “very large”, as in Tibet the horses were of much smaller size. The man holding the horse came from Gere’s estate as the horse came with its handler and he led the horse and Rinpoche throughout the procession.

All of the students present marched in the procession, some holding flags or banners or other sacred objects. They marched starting from one end of the estate, around the large property, back to the house location. They made two rounds of the property, with a change of students and banners on each round. It was truly a historic event as His Eminence stated “this was the only time he had held such a Gesar procession outside of Tibet”. It had never before been done except in Tibet and we have not heard that it was ever done again by Rinpoche anywhere outside of his native Kham. While underway the students truly felt like Khampa warriors, even though this procession was being done in North America.

His Eminence said he was very happy with the results. Although this procession was smaller than one occurring in Tibet, where many participants would have been on horseback covering several miles of terrain, he said “under the circumstances it could not have gone better and was a very positive event for the United States”.

His Eminence, Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, Terton, is the revealer of the complete cycle of the teachings of the life of Gesar of Ling, the enlightened warrior king of Tibet. During the 11th Century when Gesar came to Tibet, Rinpoche was reborn in the Kingdom of Lingtri Karmo in eastern Tibet as Dongbumpai Gyatsa Zhalkar, the Chief Lord amongst the warrior king Lord Gesar’s spiritually accomplished kinsmen. He was Gesar’s brother. During this historic day of procession in Bedford, New York, His Eminence also gave all students present a teaching on Gesar as well as his insights for the future of these teachings in North America. The peaceful, magnetizing, enriching and wrathful aspects of Gesar practices are very applicable for these degenerating times.

After the procession was completed, the students gathered around the Smoke Offering and performed the Gesar Smoke Offering practice with Rinpoche.

Student Helen Faith helped dress the horse, preparing it impeccably for its role as Kyang Go Karkar in the Gesar procession. His Eminence had very precise specifications for the gear and dressing of the horse so it took a long time to complete its costume. It was very exacting to lay down perfectly each piece of the horse’s attire and decorations. The Gesar power of the moment required precision.
The handler prepares the horse for the Gesar Warrior procession.
Rinpoche leads the students in the Gesar Warrior procession around the grounds.
His Eminence, Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, Terton
Ripa Ladrang students pause, preparing for the Gesar Smoke Offering to be given on the Bedford property, having participated in the historic Gesar procession.
Some Unforgettable Moments from the Day…
    • Although His Eminence had successfully brought with him most of the Gesar attire and other items, the important sacred Gesar “hat” somehow met a slight delay, so despite all elaborate preparations for the procession, there were a few moments of tension until the monk arrived with the important hat! So all was well in that regard.
  • The Gesar Smoke Offering was large and powerful, burning intensely with innumerable items. Blessing all beings, the fire was so large and hot that it melted the large barbeque pot which belonged to the rented home where the offering was being held. Nevertheless, it was replaced for the owner, so all went very well.
Because of Namkha Drimed Rinpoche’s strong present and past connection to Gesar, the Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery in Pharping, Nepal, was built with a Gesar Temple. One complete floor of the monastery is dedicated to Gesar. See the photos below.
Gesar Horse
Gesar Warrior Procession