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Dear Friends of the Ripa International Sangha,

We are delighted to announce that His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche has agreed to Bestow the teaching from his own mind Terma of ‘Dorje Drollo’.

Event Details:
The event will take place at the Rigon Tashi Choling Monastery in Pharping, Nepal in the special Dallu Valley. The teachings will consist of both instructions and practice every day.

In the evenings during the retreat, we have arranged teachings by Khenpo Tenzon Wangdu on the ‘The view, meditation, action and fruit of the 9 gradual vehicles’.

The details on the session timings will be announced at the event. The format of the day and the teachings will follow in our next communication.

October 17th to October 23rd

Empowerment – October 17th
It is requested that everyone who plans to attend the teaching, must receive the empowerment and stay through the end of the teaching days till 23rd .

Please arrive at least one day prior to the teachings for registration, as the teachings/empowerment will begin in the morning of the 17th.  You will be able to depart the afternoon/evening of October 23rd.

The text for instruction is a practice of Guru Dorje Drollo. This pesha formatted text can be purchased only at the event registration for $35.

We are separating the costs of the teachings from the room and board housing. This is due to some people may be coming to the teachings locally and will not need housing or food. Payment for local housing will be made directly to those guest houses. So please bring extra cash for those payments.

For the teachings, we are requesting that you register online at or send in a check to our address in Los Angeles (address below). We will not be able to take credit card transactions in Nepal for the event. If you are paying cash, we will accept it at the event, but please tell us at the special email below of your intention to register and payment method.

We have set up a special email address to coordinate the housing and transportation needs of those attending the retreat. It is:

As you confirm your travel plans, please send us an email to this address with your housing request, dates and booking information as described below.

We will be publishing an FAQ that should answer most questions fairly soon. If additional questions come up, please send them to the same special email address, and we will try our best to answer them.

Registration Details:
If you wish to attend the teachings, please register on the Ripa Ladrang Foundation donations page at:

We have provided 3 selections depending on your ability to support the event:

Dorje Drollo – Nepal 2022 Member     $400
Dorje Drollo – Nepal 2022 Benefactor    $500
Dorje Drollo – Nepal 2022 Sponsor    $700

Select the ‘Dorje Drollo Retreat – Nepal 2022’. Select the support level, based on the level, please select the amount to donate (Or other):

If you wish to pay by check:
Please send us an email with your intention so we can note the registration, and send your check to the Ripa Ladrang Post Office Box at:

Ripa Ladrang Foundation
11270 Exposition Blvd
Box 64887
Los Angeles CA 90064-9998

If you wish to pay by cash: 
Please send us an email with your intention so we can note the registration, and we will accept it at the registration desk at the event site.

Accommodations and Transportation:
If you require accommodations (Room / Room & Board):
Please send us an email to our special email

Because we are gathering reservation information for the Guest Houses, they will need all of the details to process the reservations including the following:

Full Name
Passport number, and issuing country
Expiration date,
Date of Birth,
Travel dates (Arrival and departure, Airline flight number and times).
Requested Housing Dates (Arrival/Departure in Pharping/Dallu)
Roommate requests – as we will try our best to fulfil your requests 

Transportation needs to/from Kathmandu. (Arrival/Departure to Pharping/Dallu)

If you have any specific requests or particular issues that we need to be aware of, please indicate so in the email as well.

Accommodation and Travel Pricing Details:
Below are the detailed pricing for guest houses – room or room and board and transportation costs.

We have made arrangements with a number of Guest Houses in the area to accommodate this retreat.

All prices are Per Person based on Double Occupancy:

Deluxe Rooms:    $55 / day with 3 vegetarian meals per day included.
Standard Rooms:    $35 / day with 3 vegetarian meals per day included

Single Standard Room:  $40/day with 3 vegetarian meals
(Note: Very few rooms are available).

All payments will be made to the Guesthouse directly for Room and Board accommodations.

Given the number of people attending and the availability of rooms, we will not have many single occupancy rooms. We will try our best to accommodate as per your preference, but you will be likely sharing your room. If you have a partner or a friend that you would like to share the room with, please provide that information so that we can try to accommodate your requests.

We are arranging a transportation service from Kathmandu to Dallu/Pharping. Cost $50 for the round trip. If you need this to be taken care of, please indicate that as well in the email.

Nepal tourist Visa is issued at the airport. You can find all the details at:
Alternatively, you can get the visa ahead of arrival into Nepal.

Covid Rules: 
Please check the travel Covid rules for the airlines you are travelling. Nepal as of now requires a negative PCR Covid test within 72 hours of entry OR a Vaccination Certificate. But please check a few days before travel on the rules as these may change.

But we will have Covid rules for the retreat and the information will be sent out shortly along with an FAQ for all the above.

Finally in Summary:
General Registration Steps – details are below:
Register online for the event at the Ripa Ladrang site.
If paying by cash only, tell us via special email at DorjeDrollo2022.
Email us at DorjeDrollo2022 providing housing information and requests
Email us at DorjeDrollo2022 providing transportation information and requests

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and very special event.

Ripa Ladrang Foundation Staff.

Here is an excerpt which is a part of the text itself that summarizes the preciousness of this teaching, the words of the Terton himself:

“This practice of Guru Dragpo, the combined essence of the enlightened intent of all vidyadharas and quintessence of the heart’s blood of the dakinis, the supreme secret of secrets, the utterly secret sealed heart, was extracted from the enlightened mind of Padma and transmitted to the destined heart-son concealed in the casket of the expanse of pure awareness. When the auspicious circumstances come together it will be revealed from the profound treasury of pure awareness and space and set down in final form. It is sealed with the seal of the enlightened body, speech and mind of the dakinis and the seal of strictest samaya. Body protector Tagshön and Rahula, skillfully guard these vajra words—SAMAYA GYA GYA GYA

One night, when I was thirteen years old, I met the Crazy Wrathful Guru Dorje Drolö in person in the monastery of Rigön Tashi Chöling in my homeland of Dokham. I prayed to him with single-pointed devotion, and he said: “KYE HO—Listen, destined heart-son. I am the intensely blazing wrathful blood drinker, Pema Tötrengtsäl. There is no doubt that this practice of the Wrathful Guru, the condensed pith instructions of the Utterly Secret Heart-Mind, unified essence of the victorious ones of the three roots, heart’s blood of all dakinis, will prevent all obstacles and that the two types of accomplishments will definitely be attained, so, destined one, keep it in your heart. This profound instruction will also be taught for the benefit of beings in the future during the extremely disturbed era of degeneration. You have always been inseparable from me,” and added, “You will experience the union of your mind and mine and, from that time on, be free of all sign of obstacles.”

Furthermore, in the middle of the night one night when I was doing a retreat on a Taksham Dorje Drolö terma called Zabmo Sangdu in Tashigang, a supreme gathering place of the dakinis near the extremely secret site of Dewakota in the hidden land of Pemakö, a limitless expanse of red light rose from the eastern direction and in its midst I saw a dark red wrathful figure wearing a cloak and extremely unbearable to look at. From my seat I instantly paid homage and, with a relaxed expression, Dorje Drolö touched my head three times with his maroon-colored face and gave me a Phurpa with a wrathful face he had been holding with his two hands and said, “I am Wangdrak Drowolö. You are the destined one of the Lotus family. In the past you have taken several pure incarnations: among others, previously you were Chogyang ‘The Horse Neigher’, the perfectly accomplished Namkai Nyingpo, Chag Zampa the powerful realized one, Drime Özer, miraculous emanation of primordial awareness, and Pema Gyepai Dorje. Pema Longyang Rölpa Tsäl, Dechen Dorje Ziji, in a previous life I hid this extremely secret wrathful practice sealed with the seal of heart-mind in the ultimate space casket of your rigpa-awareness. Now is the time to reveal it. Bring it forth from the expanse of your mind and write it down—SAMAYA”

More communication to follow soon.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Ripa Ladrang Foundation