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“The Buddha Dharma is the ultimate source of happiness and refuge for all beings. We should preserve it through practice and so preserve the precious lineage of living wisdom teachings. In order to do this, the monastic setting is indispensable. Such a sanctuary radiates positive energy and promotes peace, harmony, happiness and liberty throughout the entire universe.” – H.E. Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche
Dear Friends,

The world is witnessing an unprecedented and inexorable pandemic which has affected millions of lives around the world. The damage caused by the virus has cut through nations and populations alike where over 3.5 million people have died, and many more have been further affected by the isolation of lockdowns, unemployment and starvation. The sheer scale of the pandemic has overwhelmed countries and regions, including most recently the Indian subcontinent and its neighboring countries, where the scale of Covid -19 infections has crippled health care systems and left people with few if any treatment options.

This has not left the Ripa Monasteries in Nepal and India unaffected. Recently, we learned that across the two monasteries there are currently over 100 monks that have contracted Covid -19. (Please see monastery letters below. We just found out today that this number has more than doubled to over 100 monks affected!) These monks have been isolated and are receiving the best care possible under the circumstances. Thanks to the continued generosity of our members and supporters, the regular monk sponsorship funding that the Ripa Ladrang Foundation provides is generally adequate to support the monastery and its activities. However, the costs associated with the additional requirements for sanitation supplies, medical support equipment, medicine and treatment for those affected are requiring significant additional financial resources. In addition, basic commodity prices for food and other staples have increased substantially due to lockdown price increases.

In view of this, we are writing to request your help and to urgently ask that you please contribute generously to help with the costs of treating those affected.

Please help save precious human lives…

Ripa Ladrang Board of Directors

Radhika Nayar | Suma Chander
Joshua Green  | Alan Goldstein
Susan Miller-Reid | Jim Miller

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