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Dear Friends, 

From January 7-10, 2021, at the Ripa Rigon Thupten Mindrolling monastery in India, under the leadership of Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurme Rinpoche, a large tantric prayer service to Drubcho Hayagriva will be held.

The organisers of the event and the broadcast are the Kalmyk Sangha and the monastery of the Ripa Khurul line “Orgyen Sangag Choling”, Troitskoye Village, rep. Kalmykia.

The practice will take place online through the ZOOM application and will also be held at Orgyen Sangag Choling Khurul. We invite precious Sangha to join Drubcho Hayagriva’s practice.

You will need the following texts:
The Great Sadhana of Hayagriva in nine volumes.
According to preliminary information, the texts of the Big Sadhana Hayagriva with Latin transcription will be ready by the dates of Drubcho. For additional information on the texts, contact Olga Zimmerkhekel.

The lack of the necessary texts is not an obstacle to participation in Drubcho. It is enough to have the texts of the Brief Practice of Hayagriva (gunker), and during Drubcho to carry out the accumulation of the Hayagriva mantra (approach, attainment, action). The texts of the mantras will be sent to the participants upon additional request. It is also full participation.

Dates: From 7/01/2021 Until 10/01/2021
to the text of Hayagriva’s Middle Sadhana7:00-8:30 – 1st session. Lung’s transmission
9:00-10:30 – 2nd session. Lung’s transmission
11:30-13:30 – 3rd session. Granting the Hayagriva Teachings (Central European Time) 8/01 – 10/01/2021

Schedule of the Drubcho Session (Central European Time)

1st SESSION 6:00 – 8:00
2nd SESSION 9:00 – 11:00
3rd SESSION 12:00-13:30

A daily offering to the protectors of Salha, an offering to the tsog.

The Terms of Participation:
– Mandatory registration (registration link is at the bottom of page)
– Have Buddhist Refuge
– The presence of Wang (initiation) of Hayagriva of the Taksham Tradition or Lunga on the text of Drubcho.
– Required Texts (Concise Daily Gunker Hayagriva or Big Sadhana in 9 Volumes)


Registration takes place from 12/26/20 to 1/5/2021 – follow the link below.

Registration consists of two stages:

– fill in all fields on the registration page
– make an offering to Drubcho (and send a receipt for the offering to the post office)

You can register using the link below.

Recommended offering for participation in Drubcho:


STANDARD – 75 Euro.

SPONSORS – 150 Euro.

Please send a receipt for your donations to the following email:

Lack of funds is not an obstacle to participation in Drubcho. If this is the only obstacle, please write to the organizers.

All offerings will be used to cover the costs of the broadcast, offerings to the monastery, the Masters, and the translator, etc.

Participation From Afar
Remote participation is possible if you cannot personally participate in Drubcho. The names of the remote participants will be recited during the daily Drubcho sessions in front of Rinpoche and the entire assembly of practitioners. Those whose names will be read are also included in the number of participants in Drubcho. An offering is made at your discretion.


All offerings can be made to the following accounts:

1.) Card Sberbank 5484 5200 1046 5459
tied to the phone +79185581775
recipient Khongor Semenovich N.
2.) PayPal payment system
3.) PaySend payment system to the number +79772670800


A link to the broadcast in ZOOM application will be sent to your email after the registration conditions are met a few days before Drubcho.

For all questions, please contact the organisers.

If you need the texts of Hayagriva mantras (approach, attainments and actions), please write a request to

Please share this information with members of the Ripa Sangha within your country.

Good practice for the benefit of all sentient beings!

Contacts For Communication 

+7 (961) 439-00-55 Viber, Whatsapp

+7 (927) 283-99-41 Viber, Whatsapp

With Love and Gratitude,
The Ripa International Center & The Ripa Ladrang Foundation