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Greetings Everyone!!

At this point the Gesar Wealth Puja is still a go for tomorrow as latest weather reports indicate a late Saturday tropical storm/hurricane watch for our area and so everyone should be safe (even if a bit wet).  That said, the organizers wish to encourage anyone who feels it would be safer for them, given their travel arrangements, to be safe and register as a from-afar to participate as soon as possible, so we can read your name to His Eminence during the ceremony. Please do so at the Gesar Puja donations/payment page.

Regarding texts for the event: Those attending who have attended this event in the past are encouraged to bring their own copies of Ripa Lineage texts such as Protector Chants, Opening/Closing Prayers, Mandala Offering (can be found in Ngondro text) and any past year texts from the Enrichment Cycle (Puja or Teachings ). Select texts will be available for use during the puja.

We look forward to seeing you there :-)

Ripa Ladrang Organizers