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Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce that Registration for the Ripa International Summer Retreat 2015 is now open online! Registration will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and there is limited housing available, so act quickly!

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The Summer Retreat is comprised of three weeks:

Week One (July 25-30):

Is open to all, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. It is particularly oriented toward people new to Buddhism, to Vajrayana or the Ripa Lineage; however, all students are equally encouraged to attend. It consists of three separate events which you may register for by event or as a package. Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche will be teaching. Also, the program is particularly oriented toward families. There is a special program for children between the ages of 4 and 16 called “Budding Buddhists” during the week, as well as YOGOM for all.

SPECIAL NOTE: It will be possible to take refuge during the first week. Also, registration will begin on Friday, July 24 at 4:00pm for our out-of-town guests.

The Medicine Buddha Principle: The Healing Power of Meditation 
The Feminine Principle: Making Space for Our Emotions
The Warrior Principle: Developing Courage in the Modern World

Week Two (August 1-8):

This week is open to all Buddhists and those attending must have formally taken refuge in the Three Jewels. It should be attended in its entirety. Both Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche and Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurmey Rinpoche will be teaching.

Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal Teachings, Practice and Empowerments

Week Three (August 8-15):

Is restricted to Vajrayana students who have received the Taksham Yeshe Tsogyal empowerment. It must also be attended in its entirety. Both Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche and Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurmey Rinpoche will be present to lead the Drupchoe.

Vajrayana Practice: Taksham Yeshe Tsogyal Drupchoe

There will be a Magnetizing Fire Puja on the last day of the Drupchoe, as well as a long life Tenshuk organized by the Tibetan Community for Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche. It will be possible to participate in the Magnetizing Fire Puja from afar. A special event will be created on the website in the near future, providing further details.

Registration Options

Online: The best way to register is online (as it facilitates the handling of all registrations by the team and you will receive an automatic notice of your request for registration). To register online, you must register for each week you plan to attend. For week one, it is possible to register for any event by registering for one, as will be indicated on the registration form, once you are in any of the three events that week (the primary options are by 2 day module or a 6 day package). However, if you register for 2 of 3 events, it might be more practical to register for each one.

Register Now

By Email: Download the pdf which can be found on the program page. There are three links on the program page: one for the Summer Retreat Flyer which contains some general information (everyone is required to read this to confirm that they understand and will adhere to rules of the retreat), the Registration Form pdf and a Text Order Form pdf.

By Post: Print out the registration form and send it back by post to the Ripa International Center (RIC) at the mailing address given at the bottom of this email.


New Texts: There are two new texts this year! Please be sure to download the text form from the Program Information page of either Week Two or Week Three. (Texts are not required for Week One.) You must order your texts by July 20th (to allow sufficient time for printing). An email address is given for returning the form. (IMPORTANT: You must download the form after opening the link.) Thank you and we’ll see you there!

Event Details

Time: 3 weeks July 25th – August 15th

Ripa International Center
Hilfigweg 10, CH – 3172
Niederwangen (Bern) Switzerland.
Tel: 00.41 (0) 31/981 0377

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With Loving Kindness and Deep Compassion,
The Ripa Ladrang Team