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Being a member of the Ripa Ladrang Foundation enables you to directly participate in helping bring the Buddhist dharma into the world. Ripa Ladrang supports the Ripa lineage of the Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Its purpose is to maintain and support the ancient Ripa teachings in the United States as well as abroad, and provide means to adapt these teachings to modern life in the new Millennium.

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Become a member online today at our Membership Donation page.

Benefits of Being a Member
When you become a member, you help to take care of the Foundations administrative expenses and general operating expenses, its attorney and accountant fees, maintain required insurance, and pay the necessary travel and teaching expenses for the Ripa teachers. Membership dues also pay for printing costs, operation of the Web Site, postage and shipping, supplies, photo reproduction, etc. All services provided by Board members, officers, and volunteer are all offered free with no compensation being paid to these volunteers. Therefore, 100% of your contributions go directly to supporting the Ripa Ladrang Foundation.

We invite anyone connected to H.E. Namkha Drimed Rinpoche Terton and Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche who would like to support their activities and those interested in supporting dharma activities in the world, to become a member of the Ripa Ladrang Foundation.

In addition, to supporting the dharma, Membership benefits include:

    • Discounts to many teachings and events
    • Special thank you gifts such as free photos of the teachers
    • The good feeling of knowing that you are supporting a very worthy spiritual cause
    • Advance notice of teachings and events

Membership Information - Ripa Ladrang Foundation
Friend - $5.00/month or $60.00/year
Supporter - $20.00/month or $240.00/year
Family Member - $35.00/month or $420.00/year (couples or parents and children)
Benefactor - $50.00/month or $600.00/year
Patron - $100.00/month or $1200.00/year

Become a Member
Become a member online now at our Membership Donation page.

Or you can join by sending a check or money order. If you decide to send a check, please be sure to write "Membership" on the payment instrument noting the membership level and also to include your mailing address or email so you can receive Foundation communications. You are welcome pay it in one lump sum for a year’s membership or to pay it by the month if that is more convenient for you. Mail with check, money order or cashier’s check (monthly or annual) to:

Ripa Ladrang Foundation
333 Mamaroneck Avenue, #203
White Plains, NY 10605

Ripa Ladrang Foundation is an approved 501(c)3 tax exempt religious organization. Federal Tax ID No. 91-1942035