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News of Special Events – Long Life Ceremonies for His Eminence

Dear Ripa Ladrang Community,

This is a reminder about the special Long Life Ceremonies that will be done in Nepal for our beloved Lama, His Eminence Terton Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche.

The following table indicates the glimpse of Day, Date and Puja performance of the practicing longevity (Tshe-Drub) for two days and the third day will be ‘Actual Long Life Ceremonial Puja’.


S/no Day Date Performance
1 Tuesday 15th Nov. 2011 Longevity Ritual Practice (Tshe-Drub).
2 Wednesday 16th Nov. 2011 Longevity Ritual Practice (Tshe-Drub).
3 Thursday 17th Nov. 2011 Actual Long life Prayer (Ten-Shug-Ngoe)


As Nepal is about 11 hours ahead of the East Coast and 14 hours ahead of West Coast, we can conduct your celebrations in at whatever time is good for you.

We recommend you accumulate His Eminence Long Life prayer over those three days.
Also, if you wish to meet with your local sangha for Tsok, please contact your local Sangha Secretary.

A PDF file of His Eminence’s Extensive Longevity Prayer, as written by H. H. Dudom Rinpoche, is posted here to download on our website for your personal copy.

As our Lama is always in our hearts, in essence there is no distance that separates us at any point in time so send your clouds of offerings of prayers and wishes into the sky and we are all confident it will reach our Lama!!

Thank you to everyone who has already sent monetary donations towards the purchase of all the beautiful substances that are gathered for the event as well as gifts to presiding Lamas.

We encourage everyone to make a donation, no matter how small, towards this important event. Donations can be made at our donations page.

Here is a quotation offered by Khandro Tseyang, the Sakyong Wangmo (His Eminence’s Daughter) about the meaning of such a ceremony:

“Tenshuk means to secure the life of the master”. Traditionally, such ceremonies are organized by the students from time to time at special moments in the life of a precious guru. Usually, the ceremony is led by an eminent master who shares close samaya (spiritual bond) with the one who is to be offered the Tenshuk. A Long Life Abhisheka is conferred as part of the Tenshuk.

Students then make offerings of rupas and various objects securing the body speech mind quality and activity of the guru.

The offerings are also a symbolic way of showing one’s gratitude towards the guru or master for his tireless and selfless dedication in bringing the light of dharma into our life.”

Offering prayers and wishes for a long and healthy life is a common aspiration of students at all stage of the path. The diamond path of the Vajrayana clearly emphasizes the importance of the role of the guru. In fact, the guru-student relationship is the life force of the path and the practice. Thus, love, trust, and devotion in the precious guru are essential. The guru is revered as the embodiment of living wisdom and compassion, the heart of the lineage, and the source of blessings and happiness.

It is up to the students to create the tendrel (auspicious circumstances) that enable the guru’s life to be secured for the benefit of the world and sentient beings. Without the love, guidance, trust, and compassion of the guru, our life would never be the same. And without this patience and endurance, we would never have embraced the seed of enlightenment that is close to our heart.

So we wish and pray from the depth of our heart with all our humbleness, and say “Yes, precious guru, for now and forever, may your life be secured for kalpas and may you continue to turn the wheel of dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

(to the Shambhala Student in 2009 when she requested this ceremony to Her Father for the sake of the Kongma Sakyong, head of the Shambhala Lineage).

Traditionally a Tenshuk is performed with all the students present. Because it would be difficult for many of us to attempt to be there, we would request you to be part of it from afar by gathering in group practice during the three days or if not at least at your home, enlighten our devotion and rejoicing to practice all together as one Sangha.

We would encourage you also to participate in the offerings that the PL & Ripa organizations will make there in the name of all.

See you in celebration on November 15th, 16th, and 17th