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Thank you for your interest in performing a divination with the Ripa Ladrang Foundation.

Divination questions are generally written on a 3x5 index card or they can be on a larger card if there is some explanation to do regarding the subject in question. You can generally ask from 1 to 3 related questions in a session unless he does something different with you, but it would be quite OK to write down 3 questions.

Divination questions should be worded in such a way as to permit a yes or no type of answer. Examples:
    • Are the indications positive for me to marry Robert Jones?
    • Would it be positive or negative for me to do retreat in December in Hawaii?
    • Is my child Betty's health getting better?
If you would like to learn more information, visit the Divinations page.
You may also e-mail divinations@ripaladrang.org directly if you have any questions.
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Please phrase your divination question in a way that it can be answered as a positive or negative. You may ask up to 3 questions per divination. For help to create your question please visit the divinations page.
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If meeting with H.E. in person, it is customary in addition to a monetary donation to present an offering for a divination. Please explain what offering you would like to be presented for your divination request. (A white silk kata is a typical offering)
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