Upcoming Ripa Programs and Events 2011-2012


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European 2012 Spring Tour Schedule

Upcoming Ripa Programs and Events 2011-2012

jigme-w-horseDear Sangha,

The Ripa Council is very happy to announce that our beloved Master Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche invites all of us to take part in the following transmissions, teachings and Drupchods.
Nyingma Kama Empowerment and Oral Transmission – starting end of October
At Rigon Tashi Choling Monastery, in Nepal, His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche will give the Kama Transmission. It is one of the main sources of teachings for the Nyingma School, with the other one being the Terma tradition. The Kama, or Oral Lineage is an unbroken transmission of wisdom and blessings transmitted from one master to another from the origins of Buddhism and was brought to Tibet by Guru Rinpoche as well as other great Indian masters.
Both the Empowerment and Lung will commence on 27 October, Empowerment will finish within 20 days, and the Oral Transmission within 30 days.

Around November 5th, there will be 2 days of long life ceremony for H.E.
Students can come any time, but especially to this auspicious event. Before that, starting from 15 October there will be the Annual Phurba Drupchen which will finish in about eight days. Each country or Padma Ling should have one contact person who can assist students with getting in touch with Nepal. Note that it is the student’s responsibility to register with Pema in Kathmandu directly, however the local Padma Ling responsible will assist to ensure one’s plans are complete (details further down).
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Winter Program – two programs : one in India, the other at the RIC
In India – the Pemakoe pilgrimage:
The dates have been finalized with the Tour Program Coordinator and are December 15th -31st 2011. The cost is: 1280€, plus 100 USD equivalent for the special restricted area permit fee (not including travel cost to go there). As more detailed information becomes available, it will be passed on to the Ripa Council and Padma Lings for further distribution to the Sangha.
At the RIC:
There will be an International Winter retreat lead by H.E. Sey Rinpoche on P’howa. The retreat will be limited to a smaller group, because the RIC is not yet ready to host bigger groups. Please be in contact to register as soon as you have received the official invitation sent out by Padma Ling Switzerland.
Spring Tour in Europe with the various Padma Lings:
Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche will come starting around Easter for three weeks in Europe. The schedule is still being worked on with the host country Padma Lings and will be posted once finalized. Registration will be with the local host Padma Lings. Details will be posted on the Ripa International website as they become available.
Summer retreat in Ried:
The summer retreat will take place for three to four weeks with official opening of the RIC, Ried beginning on 23 July 2012 with His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche and Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche. The third and fourth weeks would be devoted to specific courses, perhaps with the Resident Lama. It was decided that the official opening and inauguration of RIC will take place on Sunday, 22 July 2012, with possibly a press conference. The teachings start on Monday, 23 July and arrival of students
therefore on Saturday, 21 July. His Eminence will stay for one month.

Initially program is envisaged to be as follows (the order is not yet decided):

1. First three days will include a puja for the benefit of the Centre, including a fire puja
2. Then Ngondro, Nyung Ne or Tsa Lung (limited to students who have finished their Ngondro)
3. Enriching Gesar – if the text is ready, there may be a three day Enriching Gesar Drupcho, plus fire puja
If you are interested in:
The Kama transmissions – please contact both your local Padma Ling and Pema, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Registration is done directly with the monastery in Nepal, however please work with your local Padma Ling to ensure you understand how to best manage your trip: flight, hotels, transport from the airport and then hotel to the monastery, etc.
Secretary Mr Pema Gyurme:
“As you all know, we have very limited accomodations. So please those who are willing to participate can inform us at the earliest. We have three types of rooms, one at the Amchi Sherab Guest House, other at the Bomo Sherab's House and third one at our Monastery classrooms. The room rate at the Amchi Sherab is Rs 1000 per day, Bomo Sherab is Rs 500 per day and the Monastery class room is Rs 200 per day per person.“ -- Pema
Pilgrimage in Pemakoe – please contact your local Padma Ling to ensure you are on the list. Coordination must be done well in advance to ensure registration and travelling papers. Exact details will be coming, and will be coordinated with the Karmachakra team of the Ripa Council for registration. Every national Padma Ling (or at least one for Spain, one for Switzerland and Germany, one for Belgium, France and Luxembourg, one for USA and UK, and one for Russia) should appoint one person that everybody in the respective country can address their questions to. This person should be able to communicate in English also, and will work Irene Berger section head of Karmachakra for the Ripa Council, who will ensure they have all the necessary information. Coordination rests first with your local Padma Ling in parallel with the Ripa Council who is overall responsible.
Winter retreat in RIC Landguet Ried with Sey Rinpoche – please contact your local Padma Ling to ensure you are on the list. Details will be coordinated with the Karmachakra team of the Ripa Council and Padma Ling Switzerland for registration.
Spring tour – registration with the local host Padma Lings. Details will be posted on the Ripa International website as they become available.
Summer Retreat at the RIC and Opening in Ried – save the dates (starting July 23)! Registration and further information will be available in the New Year (2012).
Ripa Council